How to Create Multiple Streams of Income Masterclass
26 Mar 2021
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How to Create Multiple Streams of Income- Investment Series



“Rule No. 1 is never lose money. Rule No. 2 is never forget Rule No. 1,” Warren Buffet.

Moms and Money is proud to bring you, yet another exciting life changing and wealth transforming series on creating Multiple Streams of Income through Investments.

* Do you want to start investing but can never figure out where to start?
* Do you feel lost when you open investment articles due to the jargon that boggles your mind?
* Do you ever wonder how you can make money even while you sleep?
* Do you want financial freedom but don’t know where to start?
* Do you want to create sustainable generational wealth?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, then this Investment Series, is the one for you. Each session has been carefully curated to ensure that even a novice investor can “Just Start” in their wealth creation journey.

The How to Create Multiple Streams of Income – Investment Series will run on Tuesdays on the 6th, 13th and 20th of July from 6 – 7.30pm.

What you can expect on the 6th
1. Why you need to start your investment journey?
2. Which asset classes can I invest in?
3. What kind of investment vehicles can I use?
4. Mastering the relationship between risk, return and time
5. Managing taxes effectively
6. Understanding the psychology of investing

What you can expect on the 13th
1. Unit Trusts
2. ETFs
3. Bonds

What you can expect on the 20th
1. Equities
2. Sinking Funds and Endowments
3. Investing Offshore

If you are ready to make the most profitable investment which is in your own self-development, make sure you book your spot today! Take action and change the trajectory of your children’s children’s finances. You will thank us later!!!