The Founder

Tsungai Masendeke

A certified financial planner and wealth coach by profession, Tsungai, is a financial literacy and inclusion advocate. She is passionate about minimizing the wealth inequality gap and believes that financial literacy is a must in order to make this a reality. As such, she has been featured on several platforms such as CNBC Africa, ETV’s Morning Live, Cape Talk, Cliff Central, Kaya FM, Metro FM, the1873fm where she provokes thoughts and the behavior around wealth creation.

As a renowned speaker and panelist, she has been invited to share her experiences and ideas at Liberty, the 18th Annual Women’s Leadership Summit, the International Women’s Day Beauty with Intentions Conference to mention a few.

She runs an investment property company as well as a financial planning practice and both are based out of Johannesburg. She is the proud mother of 2 beautiful daughters and enjoys cooking and hosting guests when she is not looking for opportunities to invest in on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Napoleon once said,” Give me an educated mother, I promise you the birth of a civilized educated nation.”, I say, “Educate the mother on money, I promise the you the birth of a wealthy nation.”